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I’m such a sucker for handsome reprints of classic books that I own—no kidding—multiple copies of probably 20 or 30 books. I just love a new edition of a book I love; I can’t help it. And maybe you can’t, either. For those like me who’ll shell out 20 bucks for a new version of The Left Handof Darkness or Regarding the Pain of Others, or for anyone who doesn’t yet own some of these fantastic and vital works of literature, this list is a guide to my seven favorite reprint series. Continue reading…

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“From my point of view, that opening sentence foreshadowed my own life. I, too, began my first stories in my early 20s. I, too, was already planning my own Bildungsroman. And I, too, was meeting a great man. This was one of my first Philip Roth novels and my first exposure to Nathan Zuckerman.”