links_salmanrushdieWhy Salman Rushdie Should Win the Nobel Prize in Literature | Literary Hub
To recap: Rushdie is a politically engaged novelist whose books vividly evoke not only his homeland, India, but also London, New York and numerous places in the distant past; he is a knighted Brit, and a major award winner; his writing is full of astounding imagination yet never falls into derivative or (rarely) goofy territory; and when threatened with death with, specifically, assassination, he is a writer who kept writing, who spent more than a decade under police protection, under house arrest, basically unfree, instead of giving in and retracting a word of his book.

Nobel committee, what’s good?

bluebirdWomen Writers on Twitter: In Their Own Words | Literary Hub
So, so proud of this piece. Literary Hub sent a series of open questions to writers, journalists, editors—women in and around the literary world with a significant social media presence—to further explore the value of Twitter, along with its many toxic side effects. There is an important conversation to continue, about the vitality—and vulnerability—of online communities, and the wildly disproportionate amount of abuse women receive from complete strangers, every day, all the time.